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Safety 101 – Six Minutes on the Basics

July 26, 2022 by Eric Preston

The biggest part of your safety on the job is up to you! Taking your role seriously in preventing accidents at work will help you avoid most situations that could result in painful and time-consuming injuries. Paying attention to the basics of personal job safety is fundamental to a healthy and secure workplace for all.

To help new employees start off right (and as a reminder to the whole team as well), AP Keenan has developed a new Safety Shorts video entitled “Safety 101 Crash Course” available for viewing on our web site. There is no cost to access this quick and entertaining animated feature through the links in this article. While this Safety Shorts video was developed for public schools, the information it contains is pertinent to the basic safety of just about any workplace.

The “Safety 101 Crash Course” begins with an emphasis on your individual role in safety and how that protects you and your coworkers. Keeping your attention on the task at hand and avoiding distractions puts focus on what you are responsible for in your work. Stay aware of your situation and use the tools that are available to you for assistance, especially when lifting or moving heavy objects or reaching for items on a high shelf. If you notice an unsafe condition, be sure to communicate it to your supervisor so that it can be properly corrected before anyone gets hurt.

Setting up your workspace for sound ergonomics will help prevent the kind of discomfort that can happen over long periods of time and potentially lead to long-term problems. Keeping your desk and chair, computer keyboard, mouse and monitor, as well as other tools you regularly use for your job in harmony with your body makes all the difference in how you feel at the end of the workday and for many days to come.

Slips, trips and falls are among the most frequently encountered workplace incidents and are also among the most avoidable. Good housekeeping is great safety! Eliminating clutter, keeping floors clear of obstructions, cords and cables, and immediately wiping up spills makes it less likely anyone will take an unexpected trip to the emergency department.

Although it may feel like we are living in a post-pandemic era, transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases remains a reality. Public health guidelines issued according to the current situation in our communities are there to lower risks to everyone and get us going in the right direction regarding the spread of these diseases. If you have symptoms of COVID or feel sick, take the necessary steps to protect your family, friends and coworkers from infection.

“Safety 101 Crash Course” covers just the basics everyone needs to know and use. Employees will likely need much more comprehensive training, instruction in your workplace policies and procedures, and specific training for the occupational requirements and hazards of each individual’s duties. We hope you will enjoy this new Safety Shorts video as a great start!


About Eric Preston
Eric Preston is Vice President, Safety & Loss Control Services at AP Keenan. He leads a statewide team of specialists assisting clients with services to reduce hazards and improve property & casualty loss experience.