Design and implementation of benefits programs that fit your needs.

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Building a Benefits Program That Ignites Your Workforce

Forget one-size-fits-all benefits packages. Your workforce is your engine, and their well-being is the fuel that drives your success. We're not just brokers; we're strategic architects, crafting tailor-made benefit programs that empower your people and maximize your organization's abilities.

From onboarding's launchpad to retirement's secure harbor, we build solutions across every stage:

  • Benefits Consulting: Your trusted advisors, analyzing your business goals and designing a strategic benefits blueprint.
  • Retiree Solutions: Address unfunded liabilities, provide health care resources, and safeguard the financial well-being of your loyal workforce.
  • Communications & Enrollment Support: Bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring your employees understand and leverage the valuable benefits at their disposal.
  • Employee Benefits TPA: Take control of your benefits program with a plan design and network that meets the needs of your employees and your organization.
  • Pharmacy Services: Control costs and provide your employees with an affordable and meaningful prescription program.
  • Pooled & JPA Programs: Leverage collective buying power alongside fellow pioneers, maximizing cost-effectiveness and securing market-leading benefits.
  • Voluntary & Worksite: Cater to diverse needs and aspirations with a customizable array of supplemental coverage options.

Our approach is data-driven and collaborative. We analyze your workforce demographics, industry trends, and financial objectives, then co-create a strategic benefits roadmap that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Transparency and accountability are our cornerstones. We believe in clear communication and measurable outcomes, ensuring you see a tangible return on your benefits investment every step of the way.

Ready to build a high-performing team, reduce turnover, and attract top talent? We're your strategic partners, ready to help you forge a bespoke benefits strategy that fuels your bottom line and empowers your people.

Invest in your human capital today. Reap the dividends tomorrow.

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Laurie LoFranco
Municipality Practice Leader

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Laurie LoFranco's areas of expertise include Public Agencies, Schools, Joint Powers Authorities, Employee Benefits, Public Retirement Benefit Liability Mitigation.

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