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California Property & Casualty Legislative Summary 2019 Mid-Session

May 06, 2019

The 2019 California legislative session is underway, with fresh Democratic supermajorities in both houses. Keenan is watching more than 300 bills as they make their way through the legislature this year. With property, liability and workers’ compensation legislation, we are seeing many of the same themes emerge as we did last year. The #MeToo movement continues to influence legislation aimed at sexual harassment, and sexual assault. We continue to see a spate of bills addressing the opioid epidemic, and there are a number of data privacy bills following on last year’s landmark California Consumer Privacy Act. Additionally, there are a number of bills that would expand employees’ rights under the California Family Rights Act and the Paid Family Leave program. It is likely that Governor Newsom’s support of these ideas will mean that at least one of those bills will become law this year.

As there are a significant number of bills, please refer to the list of topics to jump to the legislative summary for the topic that you are interested in reading. 

Please contact your Keenan Account Manager, Claims Analyst or Risk Management Analyst if you would like more information on any of the legislation described in this Briefing.

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