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Abuse Prevention Center

Abuse Prevention

Nearly 10% of students surveyed say they were sexually abused at school1. In California, over the past 10 years, hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent to resolve these claims and losses. This is money taken directly out of the classroom. AP Keenan is proud to take a leadership position on this very sensitive and important issue. By providing access to free Best Practice and Training Resources, we hope to help schools create a safe learning environment for children to thrive and prosper.

1 Charol Shakeshaft, “Know the Warning Signs of Educator Sexual Misconduct,” Kappan Magazine  (February  2013): 9


Prevention &

“Is Your House in Order?”
Establish a comprehensive child abuse prevention program.

Awareness Posters
Download our Reporting Poster (English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese), add your local phone and fax numbers, print and hang it where appropriate. Be sure to enter your local reporting phone numbers on the poster.

Child Abuse Epidemic Flyer
Download our flyer (English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese), and customize with your District’s information. Print out the flyer and provide to all your staff. The flyer provides information on how to report and recognize abuse.

Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
Fill out the Suspected Child Abuse Report Form, instructions can be found here.

Report Incidents to Law Enforcement by Phone
Telephone numbers for each county’s emergency response for child abuse reporting.

Reporting Tip Sheet
Worksheet describing California Mandated Reporting, laws, what must be reported, and how to file a report alleging child abuse or neglect.


Train Staff

Online Training Courses through Keenan SafeSchools
AP Keenan offers a suite of online training courses for free to all CA public schools. This includes:

Webinar: Mandated Reporter Training
The webinar featuring Lou Leone, from the law firm Stubbs & Leone. Mr. Leone provides an overview of AB 1432, what’s required for training after 1/1/2015, and guidance on frequently asked questions.


Articles &

Frequently Asked Questions about the reporting laws and procedures

View Penal Codes for Child Abuse Mandated Reporter.

Reporting Form for LEAs Who Use Alternative Training For Mandatory Reporting
California Education Code Section 44691 (c) requires that school districts, county offices of education, state special schools and diagnostic centers operated by the CDE, and charter schools that do not use the online training module provided by the CDSS shall report to the CDE the training being used in its place.

Grooming Behaviors in Child Molesters
This article discusses “Grooming”, a term used to refer to the process child molesters use to create an environment where they can sexually abuse a child without being caught and without the child telling.

Stoplight Game
The Stoplight Game is a great way for you to start a conversation with your students about how they feel when they are with people and empower them to use those feelings to make choices.