School Bus Driver Convicted of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

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School Bus Driver Convicted of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

July 18, 2019

SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. – July 18, 2019 – Rick Rossi, a 60-year old, full-time school bus driver employed with Cabrillo Unified School District, has been convicted of two felony counts of insurance fraud and was sentenced to three years of felony probation. Rossi was ordered 60 days in county jail to start no later than September 14, 2019 and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $60,000.00 to his employer for temporary disability payments and medical benefits. Rossi was convicted of one count of workers compensations insurance fraud and a second count for auto insurance fraud.A San Mateo County judge found him guilty of making false and fraudulent material statements for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

The claims examiner for the district’s administrator, Keenan & Associates, referred the file to Regency Investigations to conduct a thorough investigation due to the many discrepancies in medical reports and statements by Rossi. Rossi alleged he sustained an injury to his right eye for which caused him to have severe pain, headaches and loss of vision. Rossi also stated he was not able to drive his vehicle due to his injury.The surveillance investigation revealed Rossi’s participation shooting a weapon at long distances while looking through a scope, hitting his targets, and driving without any restrictions.The claim was then submitted to Keenan’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) for submission to the Department of Insurance and the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office.

Keenan, as a third-party administrator, takes the fiscal responsibility of its clients seriously and works diligently to help protect taxpayer-funded budgets for school districts.

The Case Number is 18-NF-009704-A.

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