SEWUP Construction Insurance Program Celebrates 15 Years Providing Value for Schools and Community Colleges

TORRANCE, Calif. – July 15, 2014 – SEWUP, the Statewide Educational Wrap Up Program Joint Powers Authority, owned and operated by its California educational agency members, began its 15th year anniversary on July 1, 2014. SEWUP has also introduced “a new look for a new era” with the rollout of their new program logo.

Since its formation in 1999, the SEWUP JPA has insured over $4 billion in school construction projects, covering over 5,000 contractors, and has instilled a culture of safety to ensure the health and welfare of the staff, students, contractors and the general public.

“SEWUP is the largest construction insurance program for schools in California,” said Chris Learned, SEWUP President and Associate Superintendent of Business Services for the Acalanes Union High School District. “We’re proud to offer SEWUP to our members. It provides them with an all-inclusive construction insurance program that delivers excellent insurance administration and loss control services.

“Loss control and safety services are a critical component and a major contributor to the financial success of our program,” Learned added. “Members build equity in each phase of SEWUP in which they participate. When the losses are low, the members benefit from a return of equity.”

Recently, SEWUP’s Board of Directors voted to return over $1.2 million back to its members. The program has now returned over $7 million in member equity since its formation.

SEWUP provides its members with a comprehensive, safety-focused, risk-controlled and cost-effective construction insurance program for over 500 California education agencies. This includes providing districts with a risk transfer mechanism for construction risks that occur during a project and after its completion by replacing the contractors’ individual policies with unified insurance coverage and defense. This approach saves significant construction expenses by reducing disputes and litigation between multiple insurers on liability matters.

SEWUP is managed by Keenan, California’s largest privately held insurance brokerage and consulting firm. For information on SEWUP construction programs for public education agencies, visit or contact Colleen Bjerknes, Keenan JPA Account Manager, at


The Statewide Educational Wrap Up Program (SEWUP) is as an owner controlled insurance program, otherwise known as an OCIP or Wrap Up. It is a consolidated construction insurance program to protect the district from the job-site risks of the general contractor as well as eligible contractors and sub-contractors of all tiers. For more information, visit