Online Safety Training for Staff

Keenan SafePersonnel houses more than 80 safety and risk management online training modules and allows risk managers to administer courses, track compliance progress and document training completions.

Keenan SafePersonnel is an online safety training and tracking system designed specifically for public agency employees.  All courses are written by expert authors and are set in a public agency environment. The Compliance Management System automatically tracks and reports on each employee as they complete their training assignments.

The Keenan SafePersonnel Difference:

  1. 100% Public Agency Focused:  Would you want your staff taking a Slip and Fall course that was designed for employees in a factory? All Keenan SafePersonnel courses are set in a public agency environment that uses real-life scenarios typical to what’s happening in your world.
  2. Expert Authors: Keenan SafePersonnel courses are authored by leading safety specialists. You can be sure our content is tested and accurate.
  3. No Site-Setup or Implementation Fees: Are you paying a set-up fee? We never charge for setting up your custom Keenan SafePersonnel site or administrator training.
  4. Custom “Policy Courses”:  Deliver your organization-specific polices in the Keenan SafePersonnel environment at no extra charge!  Examples would include Sexual Harassment Policy, Dress Code, MPN documents… anything that requires a signature can be obtained and tracked.
  5. Track your Offline Training, too! Keenan SafePersonnel enables you to track your offline training right along with your online training.  Does your provider do that?

Keenan SafePersonnel Saves You Money By Reducing:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Fees for Outside Trainers
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Legal Expenses
  • Overtime Costs
  • Other Training Materials
  • Employee time away from work to attend training