Property & Liability

Keenan serves as JPA Manager for three P&L risk pools, representing more than 500 California local educational agencies.

Program Administration

Keenan is the manager for three property and liability joint powers authorities (JPAs) serving California public education institutions since 1986:

ReLiEF (Regional Liability Excess Fund)

ReLiEF is comprised of two independent regionally-based risk sharing programs, Southern California ReLiEF (SCR) & Northern California ReLiEF (NCR). They are both non-profit, member owned and operated California JPAs. Together they currently serve 471 local educational agencies, representing in excess of two million of average daily attendance (ADA) and $36 billion in total insured values (TIV). Leading the way in Risk Management services, ReLiEF members enjoy:

  • Broad Property & Liability Coverage
  • Regional Underwriting
  • Seamless Coverage Document
  • Accredited with Excellence
  • Specialized Loss Control Services
  • Multiple Retention Options

For more information about SCR or NCR, please visit their websites:

SWACC – Statewide Association of Community Colleges

As the only community college homogeneous JPA, SWACC currently represents 46 of California’s community college districts and over 450,000 FTES. All insurance coverages, services, and governance is specific to community colleges and all decisions are made by community college members of the JPA. SWACC was designed to provide comprehensive property and liability coverage in a single program, while addressing unique community college exposures such as daycare centers, first amendment violations and public officials’ liability exposures. SWACC provides the broadest possible property & liability protection available to California community college districts. As the JPA Manager, Keenan provides the following services to bring SWACC Members added value:

  • Claims Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Safety and Loss Control

For more details about SWACC, please visit the JPA website: