P&L Coverage

Keenan represents the largest exposure and loss database of California public agencies. We place insurance covering more than $60 billion of insured property values and more than $12 billion in covered payroll.

P&L Coverage

Insurance for public agencies is extremely specialized and changes frequently.  Keenan & Associates’ innovation, entrepreneurial culture and commitment to public agencies presents the ideal partnership for our clients.  Our niche focus, understanding of the public agency marketplace and internal infrastructure to support our clients is what makes us unique.

As your partner, we will provide tremendous resources to help support your Risk Management efforts and contain costs.  We do not just provide brokerage services, rather, our organization of 650 employees are dedicated to providing services to California public agencies.  Our services range from helping develop and implement Return-to-Work programs, to Safety Inspections, Financial Consulting and Brokerage services.

From a program structure standpoint, we provide “out-of-the-box” thinking in how to structure your insurance program that provide:

  • Reduced cost
  • Alternative risk financing options that can significantly reduce our client’s long term costs while providing flexibility, predictability and stability
  • Predictability and stability to our client’s insurance costs as you manage the financial challenges impacting our State.