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With our online training, you can assign courses to staff and have a record of who has completed the courses.

Online Training Courses

Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect (32 minutes)
The Keenan SafeSchools Mandatory Reporter course provides staff with an overview of laws regarding mandated reporting of child abuse, including child abuse and neglect detection, mandated reporter obligations and procedures (CANRA) and information on the consequences for failure to report. Available in Spanish.

Boundary Invasion (25 minutes)
When incidents of sexual misconduct between school staff and students are revealed, colleagues are often-times left in shock, thinking “How could this happen in my school?” or “But that teacher is so respected and popular! Surely he/she isn’t capable of something like that….” This course highlights the shocking prevalence of misconduct in the educational setting, while also reinforcing the importance of establishing professional boundaries in the workplace. Available in Spanish.

Diversity Awareness: Staff to Student (25 minutes)
A lack of diversity awareness and acceptance in a school community can create problems including harassment or discrimination claims. Keenan SafeSchools’ Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Student course provides school staff members with an overview of issues related to staff-to-student diversity; equips staff to recognize and respond to incidents of harassment, bigotry, and prejudice; and how diversity policies apply to staff-to-parent communications as well. The course also offers positive reinforcing behaviors that show respect for a diverse student population and discusses the importance of staff to student boundaries.

Human Trafficking Awareness (22 minutes)
The goal of Keenan SafeSchools Human Trafficking Awareness course is to build awareness among employees regarding the trafficking of minors. This course will help all school employees learn to identify – and potentially prevent – occurrences of human trafficking.

Online Safety: Predators (15 minutes)
This course covers the dangers that exist online and what you can do to prevent an incident from occurring in your school.

Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student (30 minutes)
While the vast numbers of school staff members are competent, capable and caring professionals, sexual misconduct by staff members involving students unfortunately does happen. Sexual misconduct has a profound and lasting impact on the student, school, community and staff members as well. The goal of this course is to educate teachers, coaches and support staff members about the standards of care required for the education profession – including the legal requirements. In addition, the course will explain the law that requires all school staff members to act as mandatory reporters of sexual abuse of students. Available in Spanish.

Youth Suicide: Awareness and Prevention (26 minutes)
The statistics on youth suicide are staggering: suicide has become the 3rd leading cause of death for adolescents, with rates that have increased over 300% since the 1950s. However, by learning the facts about youth suicide, knowing the warning signs, and being ready to take action to safeguard a student, any school staff member can help prevent a tragedy. The goal of the Youth Suicide: Awareness and Prevention course is to provide school professionals with information that will help them reduce the likelihood of suicide among students in their school. This course will also explain the important role school personnel can have in suicide prevention.

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