Pharmacy Benefits Management

At Keenan Pharmacy Services, our focus is pharmacy management, consulting and auditing solutions. . Our goal for over the past 20 years has been to anticipate the needs of our clients and serve as a trusted advisor to provide proper alignment between your strategies and goals.


The Keenan Pharmacy team are experienced professionals with hands-on experience, specialized training and knowledge to navigate through the complexities in today’s healthcare environment while focusing on ways to maximize return on your investment. Our team includes subject matter experts within each area of pharmacy management: financial, clinical, operational,contracting, reporting and analytics. Areas of expertise include:

  • RFP / Vendor Selection. Selecting the right vendors can be a daunting task; at Keenan we know the questions to ask and can manage the process from the start of the request for proposal (RFP) through implementation.
  • Strategy and Plan Design. Keenan will analyze existing formulary strategies and plan designs to make sure clients are receiving maximum financial and clinical performance to ensure that you are getting maximum financial value from the program while enhancing the quality of care offered to your members/employees.
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Assessments & Feasibility Study. Keenan has the experience and the technology to provide a comprehensive analysis to determine the revenue opportunity and clinical benefits to opening or expanding a pharmacy.
  • Market Checks. Through our market check analysis, Keenan compares your current pricing against industry benchmarks to ensure market competitiveness with the PBM marketplace.


KPPCThe Keenan Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition (KPPC) delivers cost savings and the most advanced prescription management capabilities for self-funded clients. The negotiating strength of KPPC allows our members to take advantage of volume discount pricing and the most generous manufacturer rebates. The KPPC guarantees improvement in all areas of drug cost management without changing your existing plan design:

  • Leveraged Pricing. Clients of all sizes can tap into highly competitive pricing that typically is available only to very large buyers with plenty of leverage.  Thus, smaller self-funded, carved-out clients can tap into the same highly competitive discounts, fees and rebates that typically are available only to much larger entities. All clients, regardless of size, are covered by the same contract and terms.
  • Annual Market Checks. Contract terms are continuously refreshed thereby providing members with real-time pricing improvements without waiting until contract renewal periods.
  • Aggressive Financial Performance Guarantees. Guaranteed minimum AWP discounts on retail, mail, and specialty scripts.
  • No Mandatory Plan Provisions. Each employer is free to maintain or design their individual benefits as they wish.
  • Clinical Initiatives. Clients can select from a broad menu of clinical initiatives and calibrate just how aggressive they choose to be in managing the quality and cost of their pharmacy program.  Prior Authorization, Drug Quantity Management, Retrospective Drug Utilization Review, and Specialty Step Therapy Management are available to KPPC clients.


The Keenan Pharmacy Care Management Program (KPCM) offers plan sponsors an additional layer of pharmacy benefit management by engaging physicians and members directly to ensure that the best possible drug therapies are chosen, based on their clinical effectiveness and overall cost to patients and the plan. Plan sponsors and participants both benefit from the quality of care improvements and cost-savings.

Through the exclusive KPCM program drug claims are analyzed and potential alternative identified. We encourage the utilization of the most effective treatment and communicate these options to plan participants and their physician. The KPCM approach is plan participant and physician friendly.

Specialty Rx Management
Plan sponsors trying to control pharmacy benefit costs are finding that specialty medications are outpacing all other costs. Expenditure on specialty medications is one of the fastest-growing components of pharmacy benefits, and is projected to increase by 20% a year for the foreseeable future. At the same time, plan sponsors feel powerless to question or influence specialty-therapy prescribing despite eye-popping prices charged by manufacturers.

The KPCM Difference Provides Peace of Mind

  • Immediate, measurable, and verifiable cost-savings
  • Separation of dispensing from the benefit management and prior authorization functions
  • Expert clinical oversight with an independent, third-party fiduciary perspective
  • Verification of medical necessity and appropriateness and conformance to established guidelines and best practices
  • Counseling of physicians and patients to ensure proper use and administration
  • Strictly-managed quantity limits to prevention waste and over-shipping by dispensing pharmacies
  • Utilization of cost-effective therapies and step therapy, when appropriate
  • Management of side effects to maximize patient adherence, particularly with self-administered medications
  • Immediate, measurable, and verifiable cost savings: 20%-30% on average per client
  • Low program cost per case and high return on investment for plan sponsors
  • Fee guarantee

Keenan has extensive 340B experience in policy, auditing, analytics and pharmacyoperations to help you navigate the operational, financial and regulatory complexities of today’s 340B environment while optimizing your financial and clinical performance. Our 340B compliance and management solutions include:

  • Compliance Audits. We can help you prepare for a HRSA audit and be able to produce the documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance. Keenan is independent of all 340B administrators, wholesalers and pharmacies and can provide an unbiased review.
  • 340B Program Analysis. Our team can work with you to complete the often complex and time-consuming application requirements, evaluate purchasing operations, and establish a contract pharmacy network. This ensures your hospital can increase the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of your participation in the 340B program.
  • Internal Policy Review. Entities should have documented policies in place that outline how the 340B program is managed. Keenan provides assistance with creating or editing of 340B policies and procedures. Where policies and quality assurance processes are in place, we will review to determine current compliance and provide feedback on changes to improve compliance.
  • Education & Training. Compliance starts with a clear understanding of the rules and regulations for all stakeholders involved in the 340B program.   Keenan customizes the education and training to all departments involved in 340B compliance including pharmacy, finance, and the C-suite. Training can be conducted onsite or through customized webinars.
  • Self-Audit Tools & Protocol. Self-audits are critical to the ongoing compliance of any 340B program, and can help detect and resolve issues prior to a HRSA audit. Keenan can assist with developing protocols, sampling methods and provide the technology to seamlessly incorporate a self-audit process.


The Keenan Saver RX program is a free service available to part-time employees; friends and family members who are uninsured or under insured; retirees who have reached the Medicare “doughnut hole”; and individuals with pharmacy benefits when purchasing any non-covered pharmaceuticals.

The Keenan Saver Rx program is powered by GoodRx, a pharmacy benefits management company that leads the industry with pharmacy discount card programs. The program provides:

  • Super-simple web and mobile interfaces means you can always find the best prescription prices.
  • Compare prices for all FDA-approved prescription drugs at virtually every pharmacy in America.
  • Find pharmacy coupons, manufacturer discounts, generics, comparable drug choices and savings tips all in one place.
  • Save up to 80% at local pharmacies you already know. We’ll even send you refill reminders and alerts when prices change!
  • Got insurance? Keenan Saver RX powered by GoodRx can often beat your co-pay or help with drugs that aren’t covered by your plan.