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8/15/2017 - Administration positions on Title VII and Title XI do not impact compliance

Recently, the Trump administration has signaled changes of position from the Obama administration on both Title IX and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  While these statements certainly indicate the current administration’s position and priorities, they do not yet impact compliance requirements for schools, public agencies or other employers.

Please view this briefing for more information.


8/2/2017 - Enhanced Mandated Reporter Course

Our newly enhanced version of the Mandated Reporter course (version 3) is now available to California public schools on our Abuse Prevention Center. Keenan customers should continue to access training through their Keenan SafeSchools portal in order to benefit from the features of our learning management system.

Annual Mandated Reporter training continues be required within the first 6 weeks of each school year (or within 6 weeks of date of hire). The Keenan SafeSchools course continues to be an easy way for our schools to remain in compliance with this mandate and raise awareness on this important topic to help protect children.

Version 3 is an enhancement designed to not only keep the course content interesting but to also expand the topic in areas that can further help protect children from child abuse and molestation.

We have evolved from our year one course which focused on the need to report, how, where, when and the liability. Our year two course focused on the abused child, the impact to their lives and why we need to protect children from harm.

Our year three course (version 3) goes to the next step in protecting children by demonstrating the types of indicators (which includes the concept of “Grooming”) of child abuse that must be reported, examples of possible indicators of child sexual abuses so school personnel will know when to intercede on campus as well as all the legal requirements of being a mandated reporter.

Child sexual abuse may be an uncomfortable topic for many but the reality is that child sexual abuse is occurring at school and it is important for us all to do our part in protecting children.

Year 3 (version 3) is 33 minutes in length.  A Spanish version will be released in the near future.

We encourage districts to have policies put in place so school personnel understand what is considered acceptable interaction with students and what is not.

Last year, 308,823 Mandated Reporter courses were taken through our Keenan Safeschools platform. We are honored to help schools and protect children.

8/2/2017 - Title IX and Title VII Updates: No Changes Despite Recent Statements by Trump Administration

In recent weeks, the Trump administration’s positions on both Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have been in the news. While they do throw doubt on how Title VII and Title IX will be interpreted by the Trump administration, they are not yet binding changes in the law.

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6/5/2017 - Schools on alert after students heard discussing dangerous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

A new app called the “Blue Whale Challenge” is prompting a warning from the Vacaville Unified School District after students were overheard talking about it.

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6/2/2017 - AB 1432 and AB 1207: Mandated Reporter Training Requirements Clarification

As the January 1, 2018 effective date for AB 1207 draws near, many schools and colleges are asking whether the law changes any of their child abuse and neglect training requirements under AB 1432. This Briefing offers clarification of the mandated reporter training requirements for AB 1432 and AB 1207.

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