Enduring Principles

Keenan’s philosophy has always been that solving the needs of our customers first and directly supporting our communities are good for our business. We continually present informational workshops and seminars on topics relevant to our customers, and provide scholarships for administrators to further their education and advancement.

Briefings: Schools & Colleges

11/12/2018 - Cal/OSHA Form 300A: Electronic Recording and Reporting, Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Deadline: December 31, 2018

On November 1, 2018, Cal/OSHA enacted emergency regulations which will require many employers to electronically submit their 2017 Cal/OSHA Form 300A data by December 31, 2018. This Briefing summarizes these reporting requirements.

11/2/2018 - California Legislative Summary 2017-2018 End of Session

Through the course of 2018, Keenan monitored more than three hundred bills affecting California joint powers authorities (JPAs), schools, community colleges and other public agencies. This Briefing summarizes the bills we watched that Governor Brown signed into law this year. All of them will go into effect on January 1, 2019, unless otherwise noted.

9/28/2018 - AB 2160: New Law Designates Noon Duty Aides as Classified Service at All CA K-12 and CCD Schools

This Briefing discusses the ramifications of AB 2160 and how it may affect noon duty aides at California K-12 and CCDs regarding employment rights and benefits, including workers’ compensation benefits.

9/25/2018 - Schoolbus Safety: Two New Laws affecting Passenger Restraint Systems and Child Safety Alert Systems

This Briefing discusses the requirements and deadlines of two laws recently signed by Governor Jerry Brown. AB 1798 and AB 1840 affect schoolbus safety requirements regarding passenger restraint systems and child safety alert systems respectively.

7/24/2018 - DFEH Issues Sample Equal Employment Opportunity Policy to Assist California Employers

The California Department of Fair Employment & Housing has issued a sample Equal Employment Opportunity Policy for employers to use to develop their own workplace-specific EEO policies. This Briefing includes the DFEH notice and Sample Policy.