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COVID-19: Suicide Prevention during the 2020 Holiday Season

October 23, 2020

This holiday season, many families and individuals are dealing with the loss of loved ones and/or financial hardship. Additionally,  family gatherings during the holidays will be greatly reduced due to the virus. Depression, which is strongly associated with suicide, often increases as the holidays approach. There are predictions that the suicide rate, already at a 50-year high, will dramatically increase due to the additional pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Scott Poland has authored and co-authored numerous books and chapters on suicide prevention. This webinar helps to dispel the common myths about suicide and emphasize that suicide is preventable. Practical suggestions to help employees and their families deal with the upcoming holiday stress are shared.

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Dr. Scott Poland, Ed.D.
Dr. Scott Poland, Ed.D.

Scott Poland, Ed.D, is professor at NSU's College of Psychology and Chair of the National Emergency Assistance Team for the National Association of School Psychologist. He is a nationally recognized expert on youth violence, suicide intervention, and self-injury.