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Revisions to Title 5 Regulations for Community Colleges – Campus Climate and Public Safety

March 17, 2023

On February 1, 2023, the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges released a memorandum (“Memo”) providing updates on the development of strategies to implement the Board of Governors revisions of the October 25, 2022, Title 5 California Code of Regulations, Campus Climate and Public Safety regulations.

Revisions to these standards made on October 25, 2022, took effect on November 24, 2022. However, the Chancellor’s Office announced in this Memo a deadline of May 23, 2023, for districts to update their local authority policies and procedures, as needed, to meet this regulation. Districts that do not demonstrate meaningful progress in implementation could face enforcement from the Chancellor’s Office. The Campus Climate/Campus Safety Implementation Workgroup will support campus level implementation by communicating guidance for implementation. Districts are encouraged to review the published strategies as they become available.

Your district should review the published regulations and recommendations and update your local authority policies and procedures as needed to address regulatory changes. Districts will be required to submit and adhere to a plan and timetable to:

  1. Align policy and regulations related to on campus policing with best practices
  2. Increase transparency of system and campus reporting on campus policing data and incidents to students and the public
  3. Develop policy on recruitment and hiring to promote diversity among campus police
  4. Develop policy for the removal of police officers found to be unsuitable for on-campus employment
  5. Inform strategies for state-level support and resources that will enhance campus efforts to reform campus and community police practices and police personnel workforce reforms

Since this date is rapidly approaching, districts should review and update their campus security and police policies and procedures, as needed, as soon as possible to be compliant.

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