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Resources Added for Protecting Students | Keenan

March 03, 2021 by Kathy Espinoza
  • Keenan’s webinar recording on preventing and reporting child abuse in the remote learning environment is available now
  • New additional resources for child abuse prevention

Resources Added for Protecting Students During the Pandemic Webinar

Recently, Keenan produced a webinar presented by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California on detecting, preventing and reporting child abuse in the remote learning environment. If you were not able to attend the live webinar, you can still view a recording of this presentation, Protecting Students During the Pandemic: Detecting, Preventing, and Addressing Child Abuse in the Online Classroom.

Educators have always been at the front lines of detecting and reporting child abuse. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, cases of child abuse have risen significantly while reports have dropped, making the role of teachers in fighting abuse more critical now than ever. The webinar recording is a vital resource both for school staff and parents toward making the virtual classroom a safer place for children.

New Resources Now Available

In addition to the recorded webinar, the web site now includes several additional resource documents that are available to download:

  • Guidance for Educators on Combating Child Abuse during Online Learning
  • Online Safety Tips for Families
  • Presentation Slides for Protecting Students During the Pandemic
  • Protecting Students Q&A

We are grateful to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and especially for our presenters, Federal Prosecutors Michael D. Anderson and Mira Chernick, for sharing their expertise.

Our goal is to help equip teachers and administrators with the tools they need to detect, prevent, and report abuse of their students while teaching remotely during the pandemic. With a focus on internet crimes against children, including trafficking in child sexual abuse material and sextortion, this webinar provides practical advice for teachers working in the online classroom.

Please see Keenan’s School Safety Center section of our website for additional abuse prevention resources, located at

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Kathy Espinoza, Assistant Vice President of Ergonomics & Safety, is a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist with a Master of Business Administration and a master’s degree in Work Science/Physiology. She has been with Keenan since 2003 providing injury prevention training to office personnel, hospital workers (clinical and non-clinical settings,) Special Education staff and custodial, grounds, and EVS employees.