The Keenan HealthCare Employer Organization (KHEO) is an innovative program developed by Keenan to assist hospitals and physicians in the transformation to a more integrated care delivery model.

Combining Keenan market expertise with best-of-breed human resources, payroll systems and benefits and insurance products, KHEO provides the vehicle to quickly employ and administer the medical foundation staff, and then extend similar services to contracting physicians.

KHEO is the only program of its kind created specifically for health care provider organizations. Keenan HealthCare has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry. We have developed that expertise by specializing in this industry alone and maintaining a dedicated group of professionals who work exclusively with health care organizations. We have more than 130 California hospitals and medical groups as our clients. Our emphasis is building innovative solutions for the challenges faced by health care organizations. KHEO is the latest innovation to help hospitals, medical foundations and physician groups achieve their goals and perform more effectively.

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