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In a continued commitment to public agencies and to student safety, Keenan is proud to offer enhanced Abuse Prevention resources as well as an array of resources addressing other student safety concerns. The goal is to provide agencies with information, tools and resources that help address school and student safety risks. We will be adding more content, so please check the site often.

Blog: Anti-bullying – It Takes a Village
It is imperative parents and educators ensure children feel safe in school in order for them to perform to the best of their ability and achieve academically. Here are some tips for parents and administrators to work together.

Blog: Preventing Bullying in All its Forms
Bullying takes on many forms, some of these actions include: verbal slurs, physical altercations, threatening, causing mental harm, and attacking an individual’s character or well-being.

Document: Bullying and LGBTQ: Bullying and the LGBTQ Community
Questions and answers about bullying and the LGBTQ community.

Document: Keys for Bullying and Suicide Prevention in Schools
Dr. Scott Poland presents keys for preventing bullying and suicide.

Document: Protecting Kids From Cyberbullying
A bullying prevention guide issued by Microsoft.

Online Training Course: KSS Bullying Recognition/Response (42 Minutes)
The Keenan Safeschool’s Bullying: Recognition and Response course trains staff how to recognize and react to bullying situations. The course helps users understand the complexities of bullying by examining its characteristics, development and underlying causes. It also discusses the roles of victims, bullies and bystanders and offers ways for staff to deal with each. Addresses the “Safe Place to Learn Act”.

Webinar: Tips for Teachers
Watch Marlene Snyder as she talks about how teachers can change their classroom environment and schools can change the overall climate so that students know that they will be supported and are therefore more willing to talk about bullying.