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John Stephens

About John Stephens
John Stephens has been in the insurance and risk management industry for more than 20 years and currently runs Keenan's Public Agency Property & Casualty Practice.

Public agencies face a plethora of challenges this year. In an industry marked by hyper-litigation, volatile legislation and increasing regulation, it’s critical to know what’s […]

Human trafficking is tragic, it’s real, and it affects thousands of children throughout the United States. Moreover, many children trapped in trafficking situations aren’t smuggled […]

Physical and sexual abuse in schools, which used to be seen as an isolated local issue, has now become a national, federal and political issue. […]

Risk management has historically focused on regulatory requirements and property inspections — and while those things are still important, the past few years have brought […]

Abuse of opioid drugs for treating pain is emerging as the top problem in workers’ compensation today. The human and financial costs resulting from improper […]