You can help make an IMPACT

Keenan wants to help the people affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Keenan’s CEO, Sean Smith, has pledged to match all donations made through the Keenan donation page up to $10,000.

Keenan will also cover all processing fees so 100% of your donation will go to help people rebuild their lives after these terrible disasters.  When the system asks if you would like to cover the fee, select “No” and Keenan will cover the fee for you. The system won’t tell you that, but don’t worry, we are making up the difference!

Donations made through our site will go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s (CDP) Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Funds. Your donations will support recovery needs that continue long after the news coverage ends. They expect the long-term needs to be rebuilding homes, businesses, infrastructure, meeting the needs of young children, supporting mental health needs, and boosting damaged agricultural sectors. Emphasis is placed on investing well rather than investing quickly, addressing the greatest needs and gaps in funding that may be yet to emerge.

Your gift will help affected communities face and overcome the challenges that arise long after the storm has past.