Suzanne Trowbridge

Senior Vice President

Suzanne Trowbridge
Senior Vice President

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Risk Management for K12 Public Schools, Property & Casualty Programs, CA Workers’ Compensation, Joint Powers Authorities, Cyber Liability, Community College Risk Management, Program Development

Suzanne is an industry expert with more than 25 years of experience helping employers reduce the frequency and severity of their workers’ compensation and liability claims.

Suzanne is primarily in charge of Keenan’s property and casualty pooled solutions. These include PIPS, SCR, NCR, SWACC, and SAWCX II. In this role, Suzanne has been an innovator, making the delivery of pooled resources to clients easier. She also developed additional methodology for workers’ compensation experience modification formulas and led the P&C sales team through COVID with terrific client retention and sales, resulting in some of the best numbers the company has seen in years. As a steadfast leader and trailblazer, Suzanne developed key programs that bolstered sales and education in these departments: Supervisors’ Academy 1.0, Supervisors’ Academy 2.0, 911 and When In Doubt Call Them Out, to name a few.

Suzanne has 12 years of experience as a Sales Leader and a JPA Manager. During her 10-year tenure as a Senior Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner, she specialized in handling claims related to schools, colleges, and other public entities. Suzanne’s innovative approach involved managing pools and leading Keenan’s Property & Casualty sales team across five different joint powers authorities. Through strategic planning and the development of multiple programs, she helped clients proactively address loss drivers and mitigate claims upfront. Her leadership focus centers on business development, client retention, and program development.

Suzanne is recognized as a gifted problem-solver, identifying innovative cost-savings solutions for numerous Keenan clients. Her dedication and expertise continue to drive Keenan’s success.


  • CASBO Annual Conference – 8 Sessions over 12 years
  • CASBO 360 – How Risky is Risk Management
  • ACSA – Risk Management
  • CAJPA -Annual Conference – 5 Sessions

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