Jeffrey Hall

Senior Vice President

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Pharmacy, Medical, Dental, Vision, Self-Funded Employee Benefit Underwriting

Jeffrey Hall, a seasoned professional with 43 years of financial, underwriting, negotiation, and consulting experience. As the pharmacy Subject Matter Expert, he leads the national practice for Keenan Pharmacy Services (KPS), serving clients across 44 states. His impactful contributions include:

Jeff has been instrumental in shaping the success of the Keenan Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition (KPPC) for the past 18 years. This program, which now boasts over 500,000 members, has an impressive track record: more than $850 million in annual drug spend and a staggering $350 million in savings. Jeff’s executive leadership extends to contract negotiations, renewals, and handling escalated issues.

Thirteen years ago, Jeff introduced the Keenan Pharmacy Clinical Management program (KPCM). This innovative initiative provides independent pharmacy clinical intervention to the same 500,000 members. By doing so, it contributes an additional $285 million in savings beyond the standard pharmacy program, including KPPC. The KPCM plays a pivotal role in managing the ever-increasing costs of prescription and specialty medications. Over time, Jeff and his team have expanded the KPCM, making it the go-to pharmacy tool for our clients.

Jeff’s impact extends beyond Keenan’s walls. He has designed additional pharmacy coalitions in collaboration with organizations like Medimpact, Independence Blue Cross Philadelphia, and private-label entities in New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. These coalitions incorporate the KPPC/KPCM program bundle, resulting in dramatic reductions in client expenses.

His efforts span the country, providing all KPS programs and consulting services. As an executive, Jeff manages partner relationships, drives pharmacy practice revenue goals, and continually refines market business strategies. His unwavering commitment ensures that Keenan remains at the forefront of pharmacy excellence.

Jeff’s commitment to excellence drives Keenan’s success, benefiting both clients and the organization.

Life and Health licenses in forty-four (44) states

Jeff speaks between 10 and 15 times a year throughout the country supporting our Schools and Public sector clients in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York at conferences and presentations.

Jeff serves as Keenan’s pharmacy contributor and member of several pharmacy organizations where he attends additional conferences, speaking events and providing educational training to the employers supporting these events, as well, providing pharmacy education to AP and Accretive.

Jeffrey Hall
Senior Vice President

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