Bordan Darm

Account Executive

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Client management, Strategic planning consulting, evaluator of technical and financial performance of client benefit programs, negotiator of employee benefit renewals, develop, analyze, and implement results of health plan RFPs, Negotiate direct contracts between health care systems and employer groups, Problem solve for escalated benefit issues, Create healthcare markets through the usage of alternative funding arrangements and medical captives.

With over 30 years of industry experience in managing employee benefit programs, Bordan Darm applies his expertise to assist his clients in understanding their benefit programs and managing employee benefits costs.

With a keen eye on financial performance, Bordan evaluates and manages clients’ employee benefit programs and reviews funding arrangements, proposing alternate solutions as needed. He applies carrier network options to optimize health care coverage and minimize costs.

Beyond the financial realm, Bordan is passionate about promoting employee well-being. He develops wellness programs that motivate employees to prioritize their health. Furthermore, Bordan adeptly handles both non-Medicare and Medicare retirement healthcare solutions.

Bordan is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional passionate about controlling healthcare costs and optimizing healthcare plan performance.

  • California State License - Life and Heath
  • Health Insurance Associate – HIA
  • Certified Employee Benefits Specialist – CEBS

A sought-after speaker and thought leader in health care funding, Bordan has shared his expertise at numerous conferences and workshops, including:

  • Public Employers Labor Relations Association California (PELRAC) - Healthcare: On a Path Back to the Future
  • California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA) - The Future of Healthcare, As viewed by Two Grumpy Old Men
  • Southern California Human Resources Association (SCHRA) - Designing Healthcare for a Better Tomorrow
  • Municipalities, Colleges, and Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG) - The Pareto Principal: The 80/20 Rule applied to Health Care Entitling Employees to be Over-Insured

Bordan's passion on controlling healthcare options and pricing for his clients and future generations has simplified healthcare for many who have consider healthcare to a be a complex and difficult issue to understand and manage.

Bordan Darm
Account Executive

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