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PIPS, the Protected Insurance Program for Schools and Community Colleges JPA,   is a new generation workers’ compensation program – a hybrid self-insurance and reinsurance model that now covers 400 school districts and community colleges in California. PIPS may be the single largest workers’ compensation insurance pool for schools in the State, and perhaps the country.

The PIPS program provides workers’ compensation coverage, claims administration, integrated loss control and risk management services, on-line trainings, FEHA/Interactive Process training and support, Medical Provider Network (MPN) along with a host of other services which are addressed further along in this RFP response.

As the largest workers’ compensation pool of its kind in the nation, PIPS has the distinct advantage of market leverage, which provides the members with:

  • First dollar coverage eliminating a Self -Insured Retention
  • Highly predictable and competitive rates
  • Catastrophic limits
  • 99% probability level frequency protection – mitigating the likelihood of assessments
  • Flexible structure allowing the pool to retain or transfer different layers
  • Extensive resources provided in person or on-line to help reduce injuries

PIPS provides an integrated approach to a district’s workers’ compensation program. It does not simply provide workers’ compensation claims administration and funding. It includes the resources to help you make a difference in your program.