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Keenan is an innovator in virtually every facet of workers’ compensation claims management. Providing third party claims administration is not enough; we have developed and provide risk management solutions - addressing the unique circumstances of our clients - to help prevent losses before they happen and manage costs once they do occur. Our innovative technology solution,  P&C Bridge, is specifically designed to deliver services and bench-marking tools to provide better, faster and more cost effective workers' compensation programs. The tools to train your employees are available on P&C Bridge and through Keenan's online safety courses with more than 120 workers’ compensation focused online trainings to help you reduce the frequency of injury and reduce your workers’ compensation costs.

Our claims approach, coupled with our extensive services and innovative programs, will help reduce your overall workers’ compensation costs. We have outcome based networks, the deepest provider discounts, medical, legal and pharmaceutical cost containment programs, and a proven program to reduce opiate utilization while reducing your reserves and drug costs.

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