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Property and Liability Construction Coverage

Construction Coverage

Are you looking for insurance to cover your school district construction projects? You may be interested in an OCIP. OCIP stands for "owner controlled insurance program." It protects the project owner and is designed to coordinate general liability coverage for all eligible parties working on a specific construction project.


The Statewide Educational Wrap Up Program (SEWUP) is the largest rolling construction insurance program for California public educational agencies with billions in insured values to-date. It provides a comprehensive, safety-focused, risk-controlled, cost effective OCIP covering the job-site risks of the district (owner), general contractor, contractors, and subcontractors of all tiers.

All of Your Needs in One Program: Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Builders Risk, Contractors Pollution, Excess Professional Liability, insurance administration, claims oversight and loss control services.

Consolidated for All Parties: Reducing issues such as cross litigation, coverage disputes across insurers, and the expense of multiple attorneys.

Backed by a Highly Financially Rated, Respected Insurance Company: All coverage lines are backed by Zurich, Best Rated A XV, dedicated to serving both Public Agencies and Construction.

Dedicated Loss Control Service: Working in partnership with you to ensure a safe project and low loss ratios.