The Regional Employer/Employee Partnership for Benefits (REEP for Benefits) is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) created and operating under the Government Code and the Education Code of the State of California. July 1, 2018 – REEP began the 27th year of providing employee benefit programs to K-12s and Community Colleges.

It is the employees' and employers' shared commitment and responsibility to design and manage affordable and comprehensive health care coverage in order to equitably and collectively "REEP" the Benefits.

REEP is:

  • Created by the districts out of a need to provide more cost-effective employee benefits
  • Successfully became the first JPA in California with both labor & management governance
  • Expanded past “Riverside County” to a “Regional” partnership for benefits throughout Southern California

Today, REEP for Benefits has 32 Member Districts and serves more than 22,000 employees and retirees in the Inland Empire by providing cost-effective employee benefit programs, including REEP Employee Choice.