Public Agency Coalition Enterprise (PACE) is a unique Joint Powers Authority (JPA) benefits program that offers public agencies a choice of three insurance carriers, a full array of plan design options, and a sophisticated risk adjustment process that reduces premiums and provides long-term rate stability. PACE has an aggressive approach to wellness and population health management programs that improves health outcomes for its members, while “bending the cost curve” in the right direction.

PACE is an attractive alternative for agencies currently on a stand-alone basis, or in a group purchase program (such as a JPA, Trust, Association, or CalPERS) that does not meet the agency’s future benefits needs.

Advantages of PACE

PACE is a medical purchasing program designed for the future of California health care. PACE responds to the needs of public agencies in the emerging health care environment by providing the advantages leading to better cost control, flexibility and employee satisfaction:

  • Larger pool providing greater stability
  • Gives agencies a more competitive marketplace to purchase the right kind of coverage
  • Keenan’s BenefitBridge online enrollment, eligibility and employee communication portal provides ease of administration and streamlined capabilities
  • Contribution strategy that provides cost transparency and quality, encouraging employees to adopt and informed level of health care consumerism
  • Less risk fragmentation and underwriting guidelines that improve the risk pool for all member agencies
  • Wellness resources that help lower long term health care costs
  • Presents a viable alternative to CalPERS