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The Coalition for Controlling Insurance Costs in California Schools (CICCS) - Health and Welfare Trust was established July 1, 2004. Its purpose was to assist school districts by solving common challenges in providing competitive and cost-effective employee benefits. The CICCS Trust transitioned from a joint powers authority organization in order to foster greater cooperation and participation between the school districts and their employee organizations. CICCS is managed by Keenan.


CICCS facilitates Labor Associations and Districts to make decisions regarding our health care services and the services provided by our partners. Furthermore, we want to enable our constituents to determine the value of those services. Through the collaborative establishment of CICCS, Labor Associations and Member Districts experience the value first hand. This is a fundamental element in the development of our strategic plan and a guiding principle under which CICCS was formed.

The CICCS Trust currently offers fully-insured and self-funded programs from quality providers for the following coverage plans:

  • Dental coverage
  • Vision care
  • Life insurance
  • Medical plans

Independence and Leadership Membership in CICCS comprises local control and professional staff involvement. Members, both employee and management representatives, partner in the design of insurance programs created specifically to meet their individual and collective needs.

Web Technologies

To further ensure the provision of a superior product, the Trust partnership provides customized website services to members to further ensure the provision. This information will include benefit summaries, physician directories, newsletters, and online reconciliation for select programs. You may access the CICCS website at: