Keenan Pharmacy Clinical Management (KPCM) provides an independent, unbiased layer of clinical management by engaging physicians and members directly to ensure that the best possible drug therapies are chosen, based on their clinical effectiveness and overall cost to patients and the plan.

Our approach is an evidence-based clinical management approach that is proven to reduce costs and improve health outcomes, and our expertise includes all aspects of pharmacy management including acute, chronic and specialty medications.

How KPCM Works

  • KPCM has developed proprietary technology to review a client’s claims data and recommend possible drug alternatives to the prescribing physician
  • An automated care management system is used to assess the prescriptions being written and identify appropriate therapeutic alternatives
  • Recommended prescription modifications are communicated to physicians. If approved by the prescribing physician, new prescriptions are issued

KPCM for Specialty

  • Expenditure on specialty medications is one of the fastest-growing components of pharmacy benefits
  • At the same time, plan sponsors feel powerless to question or influence specialty-therapy prescribing despite eye-popping prices charged by manufacturers
  • KPCM provides an impartial clinical review and approval of specialty medications through managing the prior authorization process

KPCM for Non-Specialty

  • KPCM encourages the utilization of the most effective treatment and communicates these options to plan participants and their physician
  • Prescription drug claims are analyzed and potential clinically appropriate alternatives are identified and recommended to the prescriber

The KPCM Difference Provides Peace of Mind

  • Immediate, measurable, and verifiable cost-savings
  • Expert clinical oversight with an independent, third-party fiduciary perspective
  • Verification of medical necessity and appropriateness and conformance to established guidelines and best practices
  • Counseling of physicians and patients to ensure proper use and administration
  • Low program cost per case and high return on investment for plan sponsors
  • Fee guarantee

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