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Keenan has partnered with EmpiRx Health, a revolutionary Pharmacy Care Management company designed to identify gaps in the current pharmacy benefit management (PBM) marketplace. EmpiRx Health’s goal is to ensure better plan performance and healthier outcomes in today’s volatile prescription drug market through responsible cost containment, member and provider education, and proactive oversight of utilization. EmpiRx Health’s proactive clinical management provides valuable insight to ensure that clients are empowered to make appropriate decisions, at the right time. Through real-time claims surveillance and in-depth analyses of utilization EmpiRx Health identifies savings opportunities while improving the overall member health experience.

The EmpiRx Health model includes an all-inclusive specialty and clinical management program that integrates medical and prescription data to maximize cost savings while providing comprehensive clinical reviews for drug therapies and aligned coverage determination. The Specialty Care Management Program delivers cost savings while minimizing noise and maintaining member satisfaction. Each patient is monitored individually to ensure their medication and dosage is appropriate and that patients are adherent to their prescribed therapy. Extensive communication initiatives and ongoing personalized and compassionate member engagement ensure member satisfaction with positive health outcomes.