MuniMET |

Supplemental Early Retirement Plan SERP


Cost-Effective GASB 74/75 Liability Funding

MuniMET is an affordable solution for smaller public agencies to reduce their unfunded retiree health care liabilities and achieve competitive rates of return.

Now that GASB 74 and 75 requirements are a fiscal reality for public agencies, other post-employment benefit (OPEB) unfunded liabilities pose serious implications for your budget, audit, and even public relations. Many smaller agencies are concerned about investment risk and don’t have the staffing, time, or expertise to manage investments.

Simple to Understand. Less Administration. Better Returns.

MuniMET is a turnkey prefunding solution for your GASB 74/75 obligations using a multiple employer trust model to keep expenses low and streamline your administrative burden. Combining resources with a proven program structure, MuniMET delivers better rates of return on invested funds than competitive programs. There are six different investment portfolios to choose from.

Reduce Risk and Increase Market Response

MuniMET has a unique structure with a discretionary trustee directing an independent investment manager, which mitigates your employer fiduciary liability and avoids conflict of interest. Discretionary trustees have the ability to rebalance the asset mix if there is a market correction to minimize downside risk and maintain the diversification.

Dependability and Experience

MuniMET brings together the expertise of Keenan Financial Services, Morgan Stanley and Benefit Trust Company in handling OPEB trust assets in excess of $1 billion for public agencies. Our long and experienced track record makes MuniMET a safe, dependable alternative for prefunding your OPEB obligations.

Invest Confidently, With Accountability and Flexibility

Regular reporting, annual portfolio reviews, and market overviews provide you with total transparency and accountability. The program gives you the flexibility to join MuniMET with no minimum contribution, a choice of six different investment portfolios, and implementation cost containment strategies to reduce your unfunded liability.