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Eye-Opening Tips for Your Safety

May 08, 2018

Alertness to the environment, people and things surrounding us doesn’t just apply to those in police, fire and military occupations. Situational awareness is a vital skill in many things we do. In competitive sports, it can mean you are ready for a defender’s challenge or send the ball toward the basket before the shot clock runs out. When we’re driving, it’s essential to getting to our destination in one piece. If we go camping, hiking or biking, keeping a weather eye out for sudden changes helps avoid wrecking your recreation.

But when it comes to our daily routines, whether at work, home, or around town, it’s easy to forget how situational awareness keeps ourselves, our families and colleagues safe. It doesn’t mean we should be obsessed with fear every second of the day and night. Situational awareness is taking a commonsense approach toward our surroundings that allows us to confidently go about our business while feeling prepared to respond to anything unusual.

Our latest Keenan Safety Shorts video on Situational Awareness is a brief, humorous overview about how to apply observation skills to our everyday activities. It provides informative tips on how you can stay situationally aware of potential hazards common to work, school and community life, including:

Working at night:

  • Is there adequate lighting in hallways, exits and parking lots?
  • Do you know your escape routes in an emergency?
  • Have you let others know you are working late?

Watching kids on the playground, park and other public places:

  • Position yourself for the maximum view of the environment
  • Observing loiterers acting suspiciously and vehicles or objects that seem out of place

If something doesn’t seem right, take appropriate action. In most cases, this will mean contacting law enforcement or emergency services. Situational awareness will also be important for you to escape immediate danger, if necessary.

Using your senses to respond to your surroundings is a skill to be practiced every day. Be aware and be ready. Then live and enjoy life more confidently!