Working Remotely


 Working Remotely

Working from home sounds great! But with all great things come great challenges. This microlearning series addresses physical, mental, and environmental issues that you may encounter when working from home. Whether working from home is a temporary solution, an occasional situation, or just your normal workplace, these resources can help to make it the best possible environment.

Finding the Right Environment
3 minute watch

How should you find a good location to work in your house?  Here are several tips.

Work Surface Height
4 minute watch

What is the optimal height for your at-home work space? And why does it matter?

Home Office Electrical Safety
4 minute watch

Working from home means setting up a work station.  Here are some tips to help keep you safe.

Time Management for Remote Employees
5 minute watch

Tips to help your employees stay productive.

Monitor Placement
5 minute watch

Where you place your monitor can make the difference between having a sore neck and back and working at home in comfort.

Chair Comfort
4 minute watch

Setting up your chair the right way helps support your spine, thighs and feet.

Keyboard and Mouse Comfort
4 minute watch

Find comfort in where you place your keyboard and mouse.

Managing Your Emotions
2 minute watch

During times of uncertainty, it is easy to feel uneasy.  Here are few tips to help you feel a little more grounded and secure.

Managing Distractions
3 minute watch

Working from home and trying to be productive can be a challenge. Here are some methods to manage these distractions and focus your concentration.

Mobile Devices
5 minute watch

With all the various mobile devices that we interact with on a daily basis, our fingers, hands and necks can end up suffering.  Find out how to minimize the negative effects of mobile ...


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