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Ladder and Step Stool Safety

April 15, 2015

Pete needs the globe high on the shelf.
Jen brings a stepstool that she climbs herself.
Pete stacks chairs but oh how they rumble. Jen climbs in heels and then takes a tumble.

For Pete’s (and Jen’s) sake, watch these Ladder and Stepstool safety tips so you don’t crumble.

The goal of Keenan’s loss control services is to (i) promote safety awareness, (ii) assist in the identification of conditions which may pose a risk of injury, and (iii) provide recommendations and/or suggestions to help mitigate the risks. While we are confident that the recommendations and/or suggestions contained in this video will help you to create a safer environment, we do not suggest that following our recommendations will eliminate all risk of injury or will result in improved loss experience.