Evelyn Radillo Called 'Life-Saving' After Swinging into Action

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Evelyn Radillo Called 'Life-Saving' After Swinging into Action

March 20, 2023

Imagine being diagnosed with eye cancer on your birthday and being told by your doctor that care is urgent but when you call to arrange for the surgical consultation, you can’t get an appointment with the surgeon. This happened to an employee of one of our clients. Evelyn Radillo, a Senior Service Coordinator in Keenan’s Employee Benefits department, was informed of this situation and jumped into action. Evelyn reached out to the employee and not only worked to provide a solution, but also offered comfort and empathy. In the words of the employee, “She has been my savior and I wanted you to know how excellent I think she has been for me and how life-saving she has been."

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