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Suicide Prevention Saves Lives, Alleviates Grief for Communities

Guest Blogger 1/31/2017
Guest Blogger


The suicide of a bullied 7th grader sent shock waves through a middle school, but after only a few months it seemed as though all students and staff had moved on with their lives. The principal had heard through the grapevine that the parents blamed the school but had no idea that the school was going to be sued. The law suit filed specifically named the principal, a coach, and a teacher that the parents believed had failed to stop the bullying of their child at school. The parents claimed that they had told the school of their concerns about their child being victimized and nothing had been done.

To stop harassment and victimization so it doesn’t lead to tragedy, it is important that school administrators take proactive steps to increase their knowledge and pursue implementation of suicide prevention programs.

blog_suicide_prevention_computerA newly enacted law, AB 2246, requires all California county offices of education, school districts, state special schools and charter schools serving pupils in grades 7-12 to adopt pupil suicide prevention policies. Last week, Keenan conducted a webinar presented by Dr. Scott Poland, Co-Director, Suicide and Violence Prevention Office, Nova University, to provide information on implementing this new law and practical information to help develop a policy to prevent youth suicides. If you weren’t able to join the live webinar, or would like to view it again, the recording is available here on the Keenan web site.

Keenan can assist schools and communities with suicide prevention online training and resources. For more information, please contact your local Keenan representative.




blog_polandAbout Dr. Scott Poland
Dr. Scott Poland, Co-Director, Suicide and Violence Prevention Office, has been a responder to 13 different school shootings, including two in California. He is very dedicated to prevention and identifying the lessons that have been learned from school shootings.  Dr. Poland is a full professor at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.