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Lower Stress, Increase Safety

Guest Blogger 3/1/2017
Guest Blogger


Dealing with deadlines, pressure to produce, or coping with co-worker conflicts? Stress seems to be an inevitable part of work life. A person under stress is much more prone to injury and a range of other health problems. The last thing an already stressed out person needs is an accident or illness.

Maybe you can’t do anything to eliminate what causes stress in your job, but what you can control is how you respond to and manage stress. Take a stress break and enjoy this “Safety Short” video. Allow yourself to have a few laughs and learn some constructive techniques to take better care of your stress at work – not to ignore what stresses you outside of work, either!


Did you see at least one action you can do to help you feel less stressed? Congratulations, that’s the first step toward a safer and healthier you! So, keep moving in a safer direction by putting these stress management techniques to work.



sam_blog_bioAbout Tim Crawford
Tim Crawford was an associate at Keenan more than 20 years, and now consults on communication, media relations and health care reform projects. Tim is a Certified Internet Marketer, chairs the Internet Marketing Association of New Mexico, and serves on the California YMCA Board of Directors.