Keenan Announces Launch of IMReady Emergency Preparedness Program

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – August 3, 2017 – Keenan, an industry-leading California insurance brokerage and consulting firm for health care organizations and public agencies, today announced the launch of IMReady (Incident Management Ready), a comprehensive emergency preparedness program. The new suite of products and services is designed to prepare any entity or organization for a disaster or mass casualty event occurring at its facility, including active shooter/active killer scenarios.

“What would you do if an unthinkable event began to unfold around you? This unique program provides those answers and a greater level of security, for both the participants and the public that they serve,” said Eric Preston, Vice President, Loss Control Services for Keenan.

Developed in response to current worldwide threats related to terrorism and other acts of violence, IMReady provides training in emergency response, continuity of operations and recovery capabilities following a disaster/mass-casualty event.

Key aspects of the IMReady program include:

  • Active Shooter/Active Killer – preparedness/response
  • Active Shooter – post-event management/reunification/recovery
  • Active Shooter/Active Killer – facility design/layout considerations
  • Threat Awareness – situational/operational security training
  • De-escalation Training – non-violent verbal intervention
  • TaPS Assessment – threat and physical security
  • Theft/Vandalism Assessment
  • Full suite of emergency operations planning (EOP) services including plan review/recommendations, plan development, tabletop drills and trainings/exercises

Keenan has tailored its services to fit the unique aspects of various entities and organizations in terms of content, flexibility of pricing and levels of service, and adaptability to the entity’s geographic and demographic makeup. The training is also personalized to meet the needs of each individual client. For example, the Active Shooter/Active Killer training takes place in the actual work environment, allowing site-specific questions and issues to be addressed. Training small groups in their work environment provides greater participant confidence and organizational readiness.

“Whether they work for a public entity or a private company, people want to feel confident that they will be prepared to address any emergency or threat,” continued Preston. “They are not interested in high-level, generic information. They want detailed, tangible information and hands-on training that is specific to their site and situation. This is what the IMReady program provides.”

The IMReady emergency preparedness program is just one component of Keenan’s overall Risk Management solution. Additional information about IMReady is available through

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About Keenan
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