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Creating Safer Schools By Leaps and Bounds!

Guest Blogger 8/30/2017
Guest Blogger

Powered by the Keenan SafeSchools online training platform, California schools are becoming better prepared and are safer places for students, staff and their communities. We thank and congratulate the hundreds of school districts that have adopted Keenan SafeSchools to provide their teams with ongoing safety and compliance training.

Keenan SafeSchools training is rapidly surpassing new milestones: by chalking up more than 3,000,000 course completions since its rollout in 2008; and with 88,550 courses completed in the month of July, training through the innovative online portal is now on pace to reach 4,000,000+ participant trainings in the 2017-2018 school year! From the AB 1432 Mandated Reporter training courses, along with many other safety, compliance and risk mitigation needs, Keenan SafeSchools continues to give our district customers a cost effective and administratively simple way to train their employees and continue to raise awareness on safety and injury prevention. The cost savings compared to live trainings, minimizing classroom disruption and reducing the impact on staff productivity, have allowed school districts to maximize the delivery of training to their existing personnel and new hires.

The widespread acceptance of Keenan SafeSchools and the large number of course completions would not have been possible without the people who have been instrumental in rolling it out and improving it each step of the way. Special thanks go to Kathy Espinoza, our Product Manager, Keenan’s P&C Integrated Service and Loss Control Teams for their support of Keenan SafeSchools! Each day, this dedicated group of professionals assists schools’ human resources and risk management teams to:

  • Provide training to clients on how to use Keenan SafeSchools and run reports
  • Distribute information to clients regarding new and/or enhanced courses
  • Align courses with their loss drivers to go beyond compliance and mandated reporter
  • Create custom training planners for clients so they can easily do group/department training
  • Facilitate the uploading of the clients census data
  • Provide administrative support in documenting off line credit for live trainings
  • Upload district specific training, and policies and procedures into the learning management system
  • Provide certificates of completion for the mandated reporter course

We are extremely proud that Keenan SafeSchools training has been a successful tool for California schools, helping districts to optimize public funds and reduce property, casualty and liability losses over the past nine years. We appreciate the collaboration of the many customers using the platform by providing their suggestions and best practices to keep making it better year after year. Their great ideas have been shared to all the other school districts using Keenan SafeSchools, in turn, spreading the culture of safety throughout the state.



Christine GerbasiAbout Christine Gerbasi
Christine Gerbasi is Vice President – Property & Casualty and leads our Integrated Service Team, providing training statewide to customers, assisting with the development of client specific strategic planning and delivering risk management services. Christine has been with Keenan since 1999, and works closely with both our public agency and health care customers.