What Will Happen to the ACA?

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With the election of Donald Trump as President and the Republican Party retaining control over both the House and Senate, many are wondering about the future of the Affordable Care Act.  Will the entire law be repealed?  How quickly will that happen?  What else is likely to be enacted in its place?  What does this mean for employers in California?  Right now, there are no certain answers, except that once again, health care reform is likely to be the first order of business of a new administration that is committed to sweeping change.

For a discussion about what that change may look like and what the challenges will be for lawmakers, please see our Briefing at: //www.keenan.com/news/brief/2016/BRF_20161118_ACAAnalysisofPossibleChanges_KA.pdf.

Keenan has been at the table at a state and national level, talking to clients and policymakers about what is likely to happen.  As we have always done, we will continue to advocate for affordable health coverage for our clients.  As health care reform proposals coalesce, we will continue to keep you informed and seek your input.  Through the coming weeks of uncertainty, you can be certain that Keenan will explain, in real time, what changes are coming your way.