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Tell Us Your Top 3!

Guest Blogger 8/17/2016
Guest Blogger


There is a long tradition of honoring the top three competitors by having them stand on the podium steps to receive their recognition. You be the judge. What are the top three current topics that interest you the most? We’re asking you to pick your winners from the following subjects and share your choices in the Comments box below!

Affordable Care Act Developments – The impact of health insurance premium increases; employer reporting requirements; assignment of a primary care physician to new enrollees…even six years after being signed, this law always seems to bring change.

Emerging Risks and Liabilities – Lately, the news has made the world seem like a very unsafe place. Are you looking at ways to protect against and prepare for the growing problems of terrorism, child abuse, and cyber threats?

Mosquito-borne Infections – Are Zika and West Nile viruses on your radar? Do those pesky aerial pests have you on their radar? Are you wearing long sleeves and using repellent sprays?

blog_top_3_electionsPresidential Election Campaign – Just weeks after the Conventions, are you addicted to the 24-hour cable coverage and commentary, or just wish it was already over? Whether you’re standing up for a candidate, sitting on the fence, or considering sitting it out, it won’t come around for four more years (well, maybe two).

Congressional, State and Local Elections – Otherwise known in the previous topic as “down ballot” races, these campaigns probably have much more immediate impact on our daily lives than who occupies the White House. Maybe we should ask again in late October.

A Surprise Winner? – Do you have a “dark horse” topic that surges from behind and leans in at the wire for the victory? Can you think of a trend coming out of left field? Let us know what else captures your interest!

We look forward to hearing your opinions and seeing how you would arrange the topics of the day up on the award podium!




sam_blog_bioAbout Tim Crawford
Tim is Vice President, Marketing at Keenan and he has worked in the insurance field for more than 35 years. He has been a member of the Health Care Reform Committee for the past three years and enjoys writing about technical and community issues.