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Questions on California’s Family Leave Law?

Amy Donovan 5/10/2016
Amy Donovan


California’s jigsaw jumble of laws and regulations governing employment leave is, to say the least, complicated. Covering a wide range of circumstances – from illness to parental bonding, from jury duty to voting in elections – the Golden State has upwards of 17 kinds of employee leave. Some of it is paid leave, while other leaves guarantee job reinstatement for a certain period of time. Even the city you operate in can change the way leave is handled. It’s no wonder employers have questions – lots of questions.

The time has come for answers. In the past year, legislation was passed to make the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) more consistent with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Because of this, there was clearly a need to conduct a webinar to go over the new requirements. So we recently presented: California Family Leave Law: Are CFRA and FMLA Finally Playing in Unison? If you didn’t get to watch the webinar live, or if you’d like to view it again, please click on the screenshot below to access the recording.


Did we mention that people had questions about all these changes? During the webinar, we got more than 50 questions from the hundreds of attendees, and the questions we couldn’t answer during the webinar, we addressed in a Q&A sheet you can download.

While you’re checking out the California Family Leave Law webinar, we invite you to explore the many other webinar topics available in our on-demand library from the Keenan Webinar Series.