Keenan and MCOL Release Findings of Survey Addressing Consumer Healthcare Tools

TORRANCE, Calif. – July 14, 2016 – Keenan, the largest privately held insurance brokerage and consulting firm in California, and MCOL, a leading publisher of healthcare business information, have released the results of a survey of healthcare business stakeholders regarding their opinion on consumer tools involved with healthcare costs or quality.

“If we want to bend the healthcare cost trend downward by making patients and their families more effective consumers, we need to equip them with the information they need to make informed decisions,” said John Scatterday, Senior Vice President and Public Agency Employee Benefits Practice Leader for Keenan. “Consumers of medical services will need to know about the quality of their providers and understand the total costs involved so they can use the knowledge to discuss options and costs with their providers.”

In the survey, nearly 70% of stakeholders believe it is likely or very likely that a typical consumer will use online data/comparisons to discuss options and costs with a provider. Stakeholders not involved with online tools have a greater belief that consumers are very likely to do so. However, stakeholders that are involved with such tools have an overall greater belief that consumers are likely to do so when combining likely plus very likely responses.

About half of stakeholders feel a smartphone is the optimal vehicle for delivering such tools, while 35% selected a desktop computer and 14% selected a tablet. Smartphones were the top choice for stakeholders whether or not they are currently involved with online tools.

Given five types of tools to rank for effectiveness, stakeholders preferred health insurance out-of-pocket cost calculators and healthcare service price estimator/comparisons. Given seven issues to rank by level of concern relating to consumer tools, stakeholders were most concerned by accuracy/credibility of data sources and consumer ability to understand/use a tool correctly.

“It is important that both purchasers and providers of medical services have confidence that the information consumer tools generate is credible and that consumers can use and understand how to apply the tools,” according to Steve Richter, Senior Vice President of Keenan HealthCare. “In other words, consumer healthcare tools must produce a common ground for patients and physicians to have a transparent dialog about medical decisions.”

Overall, 59% of stakeholders indicated they are involved with consumer tools, while 32% responded they are not involved (9% not sure).

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