Jenise Tomasello

Jenise Tomasello, Senior Vice President, is responsible for the overall service delivery and administration functions of the field customer service teams.  Her responsibilities include overseeing the development and implementation of best practices that will enhance customer services throughout our organization. In addition, she maintains executive oversight of Benefit Underwriting and Actuarial Services, Product Development, Client Services and Marketing Departments.

One of our most experienced Keenan employees, Jenise joined Keenan & Associates in 1980 as a Service Representative, and has subsequently advanced into various management positions in the Schools Division and Corporate. Jenise has led a project to re-engineer the company’s employee benefits service delivery model to maintain efficiency and keep our customers’ costs more affordable. She is responsible for executive management of training on Keenan products and services, and for meeting and event coordination. She has extensive technical expertise in group benefits and organizational management.

Jenise graduated from Whitney College of Court Reporters as a Certified Shorthand Reporter.