Affordable Care Act – Planning for 2016 Non-Calendar Year Plans

If your organization operates under a non-calendar year plan, you’ll need to address some key Affordable Care Act issues that present unique compliance challenges when planning for 2016. Watch this complimentary webinar in which we discuss these issues and address some pitfalls to avoid, including:

  • The Employer Mandate – Meeting the 95% Threshold
  • Sections 6055 & 6056 Reporting
  • 1411 Certifications & the Appeals Process
  • The Cadillac Tax

The focus of this webinar is on non-calendar year plans. The issues for calendar year and non-calendar year plans are very similar, with the key difference being when things need to be done.

Presented by Regina Horton, Legal Counsel for Keenan, and Cynthia Stribling, Vice President and Keenan’s Training Director, this webinar is valuable to Human Resources, Finance and Business Offices, and anyone involved in negotiating or administering health benefit programs.

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