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Time is Running Out – Are You in Compliance with Mandated Reporting Requirements?

John Stephens 9/14/2015
John Stephens


It’s Back to School time, which means school districts have six weeks from the start of the school year to get mandated reporter training completed. So many things to get the year up and running, and AB 1432 compliance is not only a requirement, it is a vital component in creating a safe environment and managing risk for the district.

AB 1432 requires school districts to train all staff and mandated reporters on detecting and reporting child abuse within the first six weeks of the start of the school year. They must also train all new hires within six weeks of employment and provide proof of compliance to their governing board. The law does not require training of school volunteers; however it is highly recommended.

Keenan SafeSchools offers mandated reporter training and can help school districts get compliant with AB 1432. Through Keenan SafeSchools, districts can access three custom portals that make it easy to train staff, substitutes and volunteers (including Walk-on Coaches) while providing tools to track and report to your governing board as required by AB 1432. Keenan SafeSchools can help your district manage, track and document training compliance and certifications.