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Seven Reasons to Celebrate the Verbum Dei Class of 2015!

Raydella Lewis 7/9/2015
Raydella Lewis

Keenan congratulates two young men for their recent achievements and for being a part of a continuing record of outstanding performance. For three of their four years, Jacob LaRue and William King have been interns at our company through the Verbum Dei High School Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), and both of them have just graduated high school. And, just like 100% of the 70 member graduating class, both William and Jacob have been accepted to four-year colleges! If that wasn’t amazing enough, this is the seventh consecutive year that every member of the Verbum Dei graduating class has been accepted to four-year colleges. Take a look at this recent news report on the fantastic success of the school and their students.

blog_verbum_deiNow that’s seven great reasons to celebrate! Verbum Dei High School is a college preparatory school dedicated to high standards located in Watts. Complementing the students’ classroom education, part of their preparation includes internships at companies throughout the Los Angeles area. Keenan is proud to have participated in the CWSP for twelve years and we celebrate Jacob and William and the Class of 2015. We’d also like to thank them, the CWSP counselors and the entire Verbum Dei staff for letting us be part of their education. We appreciate not only the valuable work these young men have done for us, but we are also for how they have enriched our lives.

At Keenan, we believe that the CWSP isn’t just for us to teach high school students to do a job and gain some first-hand knowledge about the corporate world. Our goal has been to help these students become more capable and confident human beings. We wish William and Jacob much success in their college careers and their future ahead. All the very best to both of you from your Keenan family!