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Making an Impact through Volunteering

Guest Blogger 5/12/2015
Guest Blogger

Volunteering is something many of us want to do. So why don’t we? It sounds so easy, but it isn’t. Many people have jobs, families, pets, hobbies, exercise – the list of responsibilities in today’s world is endless. It’s hard enough to set aside the time to find out WHERE and HOW to volunteer, let alone find the time to actually volunteer. We are fortunate at Keenan to have a program that helps solve the “WHERE/HOW” and the “TIME” problems. We started a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program in January 2015. This program provides employees with 2 paid days to use for volunteering with a 501 (c)(3) organization of their choice. That solves the “TIME” problem.

blog_vtoNow what about the “WHERE/HOW”? Some people are already plugged in to non-profits and they know exactly where to go to find out how their talents can help someone else. For those of us at Keenan that have the will, but aren’t so sure about the way, there are a variety of options. We have built a page on our intranet that has links to local organizations near all of our offices, where people can find an opportunity that fits their passion. We have office “Champions” that help to coordinate and spread the word about local volunteer days. Recently in our Torrance office, we organized a group of 25 employees to do a “Playground Beautification” project for the Children’s Institute, Inc (CII) Burton Green campus near Harbor/UCLA medical center. CII provides healing so traumatized children can recover and lead healthy lives. On April 24, we created a beautiful space where children can play and feel safe. We worked on projects with their staff and saw the children who will benefit directly from the sanding, painting, cleaning and gardening we did. It’s so rewarding to think that our work will help CII, even in a small way, provide those children with the healing they need. Check out this video which gives you a glimpse into what our day was like.

We are proud of our strong history of giving back to the communities we serve. This started with our Founder, John Keenan, and has been driven by the employees. 15 years ago, one of our employees started a school supply drive and stuffed backpacks out of her garage. Last year between the school supply drive and Impact Day we supplied over 2,000 backpacks to kids in Southern and Northern CA. Our employees are dedicated to helping schools, municipalities, and health care organizations through the work we do as a company, and the work we do in the community.

Personally, as part of the Keenan Family – I’m excited to see my dad’s commitment to the community continuing through the employees in new and old ways. And as an employee, I can’t wait to use the rest of my VTO!


blog_angeliAbout Dan Keenan
Dan Keenan, Senior Vice President, leads Keenan’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. He also works closely with public agencies and Keenan benefit consultants to design and implement retirement programs.