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Anti Bullying Video Creativity

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

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Ms. Creighton’s ROP Students
(L-R) Gabriella Chavez, Koid Starks, Keshawn Shackelford, Meranda Delgado, Brandon Solis, Darrell Clemons, Jackie Bongcaron, Anthony Gonzales and Jonathan Luna

“Manteca Unified School District continues to make school a safe environment; the anti-bullying video produced by Manteca High School’s Buff TV staff and students supports the importance of this message. This year as we implemented digital learning in our schools, grades k-12, every student learned about being a good digital citizen to help kids practice safe and responsible online and mobile behavior.  Common Sense Media is a great resource for schools,” stated Mr. Jason Messer, Superintendent of Schools for Manteca Unified School District.  (Click here to view video)

~Jason Messer, Superintendent, Manteca USD

Meet the ROP Multimedia/Video Production students responsible for producing “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.”  This class is responsible for producing Manteca High School’s Buff TV Anti Bullying episodes, which are broadcast school wide, one to two times a month at Manteca High.

How did this great Anti Bullying Message Start?

Every year the leadership class at Manteca High hosts an anti-bullying week in October to raise awareness on our campus.  As part of their anti-bullying week, they asked MHS Buff TV to produce a video.  Each member of the MHS Buff TV crew was involved in this production and they took this very seriously.

What did they hope to achieve with the Anti Bullying video?

“We hoped that our video would build awareness about how bullying affects everyone involved.  We wanted to show that you never know what struggles someone else is going through.  We wanted to make a video that people could connect and relate to.”

How did the students react to your Anti Bullying video?

The reaction from students and staff throughout the district has been very positive. This particular video was shared with staff members at East Union and Sierra as well as at Manteca High.   Our leadership teacher said her class applauded after seeing the video.  Another teacher said the students did an excellent job and the video made her cry.  Our Librarian, told us “Thank you.  It’s so important to promote an environment of respect at home, school, and the community.”

Keenan Kudos to the MHS Buff TV Crew and Manteca USD!!

Special message from the Buff TV Crew: MHS Buff TV is proud to present Be Helpful, Not Hurtful, an anti-bullying message.  We want to give a very special thanks to Ms. Quaresma’s Adult Living classes for participating in this production.